ephraimsi79 (ephraimsi79) wrote,

Homesick For Wales

Sometimes, like today, I get a longing to return to South Wales where I grew up until I was thirteen. You see, the place of my childhood, - Aberafan, Port Talbot - , was full of ancient cairns and mysterious stone towers and ruined castles; sudden cliffs and old "biddy" church remains. These places dot the countryside, where lakes hold the pale light of the open sky; green hills fold gently down to patureland. I grew up waking every morning to sea-mist and Merlyn crows. And the house my family and I lived in, the old townspeople say, had belonged once to Sir Richard Burton, one summer in 1954.

Anyway, the truth is, everytime I travel back to the UK, I usually find I have time to go to that part of Britian, but I know it's a bit of a hard thing for me. Many memories.

Ah well, maybe one summer.
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