ephraimsi79 (ephraimsi79) wrote,

My Ideal Man

MY IDEAL MAN: The sort of man (yes man, I am gay), that would probably be my ideal type, is the following: I desire . . . a passionate man. A gifted artist of some sort; either a very talented writer or painter. A man with ambition, drive, and direction; someone who knows who they are, knows what they want, and knows how to get it. Someone who is highly educated, speaks intelligently, and the kind of man who has a definite air of refinement, sophistication, "old-world" erudition, and finesse. A man who is able to be intellectual on occasion. A man who possesses good style, and a good fashion sense. A guy who is either an Aries, Leo or Saggitarius. A man who is not unstable in any way. Someone who does not have to take any medication (you know what I mean). Someone who doesn't have any emotional/mental problems. A man who is not needy, or co-dependant in any way, or looking for someone to "complete" or "fill them up".

A man who has got a full life and is a full person. A guy who is neither controlling or over-bearing. A man who's not afraid of love or to love; nor possesses a jaded heart. A man who is soulful, spiritual, compassionate, caring, loving, affectionate, masculine, manly, and charming. He can even be slightly more masculine than myself (optional). A man that loves himself "enough", but is not too conceited, or selfish; a man who has good self-esteem, and real self-confidence. A man who is patient, and understanding. A guy who is not into "worshipping" nor into having people "worship" him. A guy who likes to talk and hold deep conversations. A man who is not too feminine (sorry guys, no sissies). Someone who doesn't take himself too seriously and knows how to laugh at himself; a man who possesses a carefree spirit, able to be silly and "roll with the punches". Someone who has imagination. Someone who is going places.

A man anywhere between 5'9" to 6"1" in height, and that weighs around 150lbs. but no more than 175lbs. Someone who has eyes that are soulful, angelic, elliptical-shaped (but not in a down-syndrome way); while also being deep, dark, full of expression, emotion, and meaning. A man who's eyes (yes I have an eye fetish), that have a burning intensity and sensuality. A man who has a more athletic body, and a thin but not skinny frame; more on the well built side. A guy that has big, strong, manly hands. A man that has relatively hairless and smooth skin; a slightly dark complexion. A man that makes well enough money, and that has a good job. A man that likes to travel. A guy that has his own place, lives alone, and owns a car; an independent man.
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