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I know a great deal about different things having to do with the world of the Occult/Paranormal/parapsychology. In my formative years, I was a head-strong Wiccan (Pagan witch). After about ten years worth of consistent study and practise, I was admitted into and became a Lodge Elder of Ar n'Draiocht Fein (pronounced "arn ree-ocht fane", meaning "Our Own Druidism"). WHAT IS AR nDRAIOCHT FEIN: A completely independent tradition of Neopagan Druidism. Like our sisters and brothers in the other Neopagan movements, we're polytheistic Nature worshipers, attempting to revive the best aspects of the Paleopagan faiths of our ancestors within a modern scientific, artistic, ecological, and wholistic context. Like our predecessors and namesakes the Druids, we're people who believe in excellence - physically, intellectually, artistically, and spiritually. ADF was started by P.E.I. (Isaac) Bonewits, known in the Neopagan community as an author (Real Magic, Rites of Worship, Witchcraft: A Concise Guide, Authentic Thaumaturgy), editor, teacher, polytheologian, activist, priest and bard. He has been a Neopagan Druid for nearly twenty years and has dedicated his life to reviving Druidism as a modern, healthy, "Third Wave" religion capable of protecting and preserving Mother Nature and all Her children."Oak Leaves" comes out every quarter (April, July, October, and January) and announces ADF policies, local grove activities, lectures and other appearances, modifications to the study program, etc. There are also articles and letters about a variety of topics concerning Neopaganism in general and ADF Druidry in particular, including rituals, artwork, poetry, calls for action, etc. ADF's journal was created in January of 1997 to fulfill the news-oriented functions formerly served by "News from the Mother Grove" and the article-oriented functions of "Druids' Progress," both of which have been consolidated into Oak Leaves. More than 800 people have joined ADF, making us the largest Neopagan Druid organization in the world. We have legal status as a Nonprofit Religious Association, and donations are tax deductible. Groves and protogroves are being organized all over the USA. Songbooks, informational pamphlets, a polytheological dictionary, and other Druidic publications are in the works. Regional gatherings are held throughout the year, especially during the summer. In short, although our long range approach is "as fast as an oak tree", we're growing more rapidly than any of us expected. So ask yourself - why not excellence?
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