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Why Horror Movies Are Therapy

Halloween, Hellraiser, Saw, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dracula, Silence Of The Lambs, The Exorcist,
The Amityville Horror, Hostel, The Evil Dead, The Fog, Prince Of Darkness, The Gate, The Ring, Season Of The Witch, The Hunger, American Psycho, The Changeling, Needful Things, Carrie, Rosemary's Baby, Demons, The Covenant, The Craft, I Spit On Your Grave, Susperia, Inferno, Night Of The Living Dead, The Hills Have Eyes, Psycho, Misery, Nightbreed, The Shining, The Others, Poltergeist, The Sentinel, Sleepwalkers, Eyes Without A Face, A Nightmare On Elmstreet, Salem's Lot, Creepshow, The Serpent And The Rainbow, Children Of The Corn, House Of 1,000 Corpses, The Devils Rejects, High Tension, Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer.

These are just a few of the best movies in the world. They are all horror flicks. And no matter how gory, truly horrifying, or unnerving they may be to watch, really they serve much more of a purpose than simply scaring the shit out of me. They are, in fact, a kind of therapy. When the thick of life seems to overwhelm, I'll put one of these (or other) horror films into my much-used dvd player. By the time I'm at least have way into any film, my emotional state is much improved! As I watch people in many of these films get sliced by huge kitchen knives, eaten by cannibalistic families, disembowelled, attacked by ghosts, possessed by the Devil, cursed by Voodoo, made into vampires, or attacked by the living dead, I realize that in comparison to these gravely unfortunate individuals, my life is not so bad.

There is NOTHING so irritating than someone who can't watch a horror movie. I mean, get real! And for those who say, "Oh no, turn that off, I can't watch that" - well, I usually have only one response: Grow a spine, get some balls, and for god's sake - realize people - it's just a movie!
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